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To ensure a smooth progression, our classes are run in blocks of 5 lessons.

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Core Stability for Men Classes

If you have ever been advised to strengthen or improve your core stability or general flexibility by a doctor, physio, coach or other health professional, our Core Stability for Men classes may be for you.

Taught by Steve, a Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor, these classes follow an evidence-based approach to delivering dynamic core stability exercises specifically targeted to the needs of men and can help to alleviate many musculoskeletal conditions such as:

Joining a Pilates class can be a daunting prospect for many men. Often being the only man in the class, completing exercises that can be difficult for men to complete (as well as sometimes appearing a little effeminate), can put many men off joining a Pilates class.

However, we strongly believe that core stability training does not need to be a feminine form of exercise in any way and can be extremely beneficial to men – in fact, many premiership Football and Rugby teams, not to mention top cycling teams, tri-athletes and the GB Olympic weightlifting team now incorporate core stability programs into their training.

Many of the exercises taught in our Core Stability for Men classes have been adapted from the more traditional Pilates exercises, whilst some have been developed from scratch to specifically work on many of the areas that men tend struggle with.

Each class is taught in a small group of no larger than 12 participants, which ensures that everyone in the class can be monitored and exercises adjusted to suit individual needs. Classes are taught in blocks of 5 classes with each block being themed on a specific area of core stability - such as balance, inner/outer core or shoulder stability.

For more information, or to book onto the next block of classes, please visit the booking page.