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Frequently Asked Questions - Pilates

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions we get asked about Pilates.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss your particular needs, please get in touch and ask to speak to a physiotherapist.

I have lower back pain and my GP has suggested I try exercise, will Pilates be suitable for me?

Absolutely, Pilates will help to get your back moving and strengthen up your core stability muscles which should help with your pain. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that gentle movement and strengthening exercises, like the exercises we teach at PhysioPilates Carlisle, can have a very real and lasting benefit for back pain sufferers. Read this article from the NHS Choices website for more on the benefits of Pilates.

I get terrible mid back and neck pain when sitting at my desk, how can Pilates help me?

One of the many benefits of Pilates is its focus on strengthening postural muscles. If we spend long periods of time sitting poorly (at a desk or slouching on the couch), some of our postural muscles can become stretched whist others become tight and the result of this is often reduced strength and pain. The small joints in the neck, shoulder and mid back can become stressed as well, which left un-treated, can develop into arthritis as we age. Correcting this is not always as simple as ‘sitting up straight’ as the muscles needed to hold you in an upright position may have become weakened and this is where Pilates can help. By gently strengthening your postural muscles and teaching good posture, regular Pilates can yield life-changing benefits.

I’ve had a ‘slipped disc’ in the past, is it safe for me to do Pilates?

It is perfectly safe for you to do Pilates and mobilising your back and strengthening up the core stability muscles should help reduce the likely hood of having further issues with your discs further down the line. Just make sure that your instructor knows by noting it in your enrolment form.

How will Pilates help my back pain?

To put it simply, by encouraging you to move your back more and by strengthening up your core stability muscles. Moving your back will allow locked facet joints to start freeing up, allow tight muscles to stretch and loosen and let you start moving again in a more natural way - helping to reduce pain and discomfort. Building up your core will help support your back and address any muscle imbalances which might be contributing to your pain.

I keep hearing about ‘core stability’, what exactly is the core?

The core simply describes a group of deep muscles which help to stabilise and control the spine. When a person has back pain, these muscles can become inhibited and quickly begin to weaken. By learning to voluntarily activate and strengthen the core muscles, we are able to better stabilise the back through movement, reducing the risk of injury and helping to speed up recovery. Think of it as if wearing a corset or a weight lifters belt all the time!

Can Pilates improve athletic performance?

Many athletes are using Pilates exercises to improve performance. Whilst the exercises you learn in Pilates won’t develop your stamina, they will strengthen your ‘powerhouse’ and allow you to use your body more efficiently. More and more professional teams, such as rugby teams, professional cycling teams and tri-athletes are looking to Pilates to give them the extra edge over their competition.

Can Pilates help me loose weight?

Pilates won’t help you lose weight on its own, but as part of a healthy lifestyle it can certainly help (and it will help tone you up).

I have tried Pilates in the past and struggled to keep up, will I manage your class?

One of the things that makes our approach to Pilates different is that we limit our classes to 12 participants which allows us to continuously re-assess everybody in the class. We come round throughout the lessons and are always on hand to correct technique or modify exercises to ensure that no one is struggling, experiencing pain or getting left behind. We want each and every participant in our classes to get the maximum benefit from the exercises - no one is ever left behind to struggle in our classes!

Can men do Pilates?

Joseph Pilates (The founder of Pilates) was a man! Yes, men can benefit as much as women from regular Pilates. We run a Core Stability for Men class (based on the Pilates principles, but modified more specifically for men). Please get in touch if you would like more information.